Lilla Resport Trophy U12 2020
3 - 5 Januari 2020

Lilla Resport Trophy U12 2020


Sweden Hockey Trophy welcomes Club Teams to LILLA RESPORT TROPHY U12. 



REGISTER your U12 Club Team NOW to this exciting and thrilling Tournament.

Contact the Tournament Directors for more information.


Participants: 8-10 x U12 teams with players born 2008 and later.

Dates: 3 - 5 January 2020

Arena: Stockholm Region

Order of play: The Round Robin games are played with eight teams in two groups at each ice rink, where the teams faces each other. 
After the Round Robin Games, the Playoff starts on the third Day.

All teams advance to the Play Offs on Sunday (last day). 

Game time: 2 x 20 minutes effectively.

Number of games: 6-7 Games per team

Registration: Registration deadline is when the tournament is full.

Registration fee:    3 500 SEK
The Teams will be invoiced to the address that is made in the Registration.
Registration is binding in connection with the payment.

International Teams, use the following Procedure:

Reciever: LGS Europe AB

LGS Europe AB
I.D. 556976-8798
Dalhemsvägen 42a
14146 Huddinge
Handelsbanken / SHB 61580886142008
BankGiro number: 801-0779
VAT #: SE556976879801

Bankgiro number: 801-0779

Handelsbanken Sweden / SHB
SWIFT address:  61580886142008
Payments into SEK

Tournament Fee:  Tournament Fee is Invoiced to the Team after registration. 

The Teams can choose from two different levels.

Tournament Fee Level 1:    1 350 SEK per player 

Incl. 3 x Lunches, 2 x Dinners, Tournament Costs (6-7 Games).

No Accomodation, Breakfast, snacks and Evening Meals are included in the price.

The Teams book their stay by themselves.

Team Staff: 500 SEK per person (Meals with the Team)


Tournament Fee Level 2:    1 350 SEK  per player + Hotel costs,

Accommodation at hotel.

SHT helps the Teams to book their stay.

Incl. Hotelbreakfast, 3 x Lunches, 2 x Dinners,

No Evening Meals and snacks is included.


Team Staff: 500 SEK per person (Meals with the Team)


Tournament Fee Invoice will be sent to the Teams to the address according to the Team registration.

If not full Payment is fixed. The Teams will not be allowed to enter the ice and participate in the Tournament until full payment is done.

SHT Prizes: One to third place in each playoff wins a trophy. 

Insurance: Participants must have their own insurance. 
Swedish players are insured by their license from Swedish Ice Hockey Federation.

Sanction:  For each tournament SHT organizes, we apply for sanction from SIF - Svenska Ishockeyförbundet together with our Partner Clubs.

Resport Trophy is organized by LGS Europe AB in cooperation with LGS Partner Clubs.

For more information contact:

Cup is finished

The Cup finished 220 days ago.


Home Team Guest Team Result
Järfälla HC (SWE)
Järfälla HC (SWE) vs Svealand HC Röd (SWE) 0 - 5
Svealand HC Vit (SWE)
Svealand HC Vit (SWE) vs Sokol Kiev (UKR) 2 - 1