Lions Cup 2016
31 mar - 3 apr 2016
U 12 (-04)

Lions Cup 2016


Huddinge Hockey and Lions Club are arranging the Lions Cup for the 38th year in succession.

This year's tournament is for players born 2004 and will take place
between 31/3-4/4 2016 in Huddinge, Sweden.

There will be four days of intensive youth hockey with teams from USA,
different parts of Sweden and maybe some other country.

We hope the four days will be a great memory and experience.
Making new friends, exchanging experiences, meeting other cultures
and all of that mixed with exciting hockey. We’ll all be winners!

The fourteen teams taking part are divided into two groups. After the
initial group round the four best teams in each group proceed to the
tournament play-off. Teams finishing fifth, sixth and seventh in each
group will play-off for the minor places. All teams will play 9 games.

A necessity for a successful and enjoyable Lions Cup 2016 is that everyone together creates a pleasant and sporting atmosphere. This is achieved by everyone (players, coaches and spectators) conducting themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times.

A warm welcome! 

Huddinge hockey team-04 with players, coaches and parents.

Cup is finished

The Cup finished 1904 days ago.


Home Team Guest Team Result
Linköping HC vs Järfälla HC 7 - 0
Czech Vikings
Czech Vikings vs Södertälje SK 4 - 2