19-21 dec 2022
U15 (08)

U 15 – for players born 2008 & later

Tournament will be played according to the current rules of ice hockey and final adjustments, listed on the board in the lobby of 
the ice-arena in Most. 

Tournament system:  
All teams meet each other in the group and then according to the tournament schedule  for the final placement in the tournament.
The match for 3rd place is played over 2 matches (the order is determined according to the propositions on the website point 3).).
The final is played on the basis of 2 victories (in the event of a tie, penalties are awarded, according to the provisions 
on the website point 3).)

Game time is 3 x 15 minutes (effective/stopped time).

Overaged players:
Girls may be about 2 years older.
Penalties in the game:  1 minute, 5 minutes and until the end of match. 

Ice treatment:
Ice treatment will be made after each match.
At the time of ice treatment is forbidden for players to enter the ice! 
In the event of violate of this condition the match will be played on rough ice (without treatment)!  

Hotel Cascade - deposit:
The hotel requires each team leader to pay a deposit of 300 € at hotel reception after arrival.  
Upon departure - after checking the rooms by a hotel representative - if everything is in order - the deposit will be REFUNDED in full.
Arrival and departure from the hotel:
Arrival at hotel and check-in is possible on arrival day, after 14 o'clock.
Depature from hotel on departure day, to 10 o´clock.
Form Hotel list – be so kind and send filled Hotel list by Decenber 13 at the latest.

Opening ceremony – ice-arena Most:
On 19th Decenber 2022 at 17.30 hrs. at ice-arena in Most will take place Opening ceremony.
Players dressed in their club jerseys and ice skates will be ready near the ice. 
Participants in skill competetions will wear complete hockey equipment.  Teams enter the ice surface at the direction of the moderator/speaker.

Skill competitions:
Will take place on 19th Decenber 2022 at 17.50 hrs. – just after the end of the Opening ceremony.
The order of skill competitions:
Speed for 1 round, slalom, shooting accuracy and penalty shots (player and goalie).
Participants will be ready near the ice – on hockey bench.

Identification of players
Foreign teams - passports, Czech teams – registration ID 

Form players list
send the Organizer by December 15 at latest

Form Hotel list
send the Organizer by December 15 at latest

Form Skill competitions
send the Organizer by December 15 at latest

Before the first match, the photographer will take pictures of your team players individually and together.
Please be ready for photography  in your changing room 1 hour before your first game! 
We request the cooperation of one coach or team leader in filling out the roster and assigning your players photos. 
Team photo is free for you.
The player's photo (A4 format) can be ordered for the whole team during the photo shooting (min. 15 pieces). The price of one photo
in this case will be 4 Euro/pc. 

Player insurance:
Each player must be insured against accidents at his own expense. 

Hotel Cascade - Radniční 3, Most tel: +420 476 703 250
Ice Arena Most - Rudolická 1700, Most