12 - 14 apr 2019
U18 (01)

U 18 -year 2001 and younger

The tournament games are played according to the rules listed in the Bulletin of the tournament in Ice Arena Bílina. The games are
played 3x 15 minutes of effective (stopped) time. It is played in 2 groups where teams meet each other according to the schedule.
In the event that one team leads in a game by 4 goals will be running time applied!
Girls may be 2 years older.
Exceptions: 3 overaged players born 2000 are allowed to participate in each tournament game.
Note: tournament game is played for a maximum of 65 minutes. After 65 minutes the game will end in any condition.

Penalty for delaying of the game:
first warning = penalty 2 minutes, second warning = penalty 5 min., third warning = end of the match!
The guilty team loses the game with match result: 3:0.
(This rule of the tournament organizers is necessary to meet the time schedule of the tournament!)

Ice cleaning:
Ice cleaning will be made after each game.
At the time of cleaning of ice, players may not enter the ice.
In the event of failure of this condition you will play your game on uncleaned ice! 
The cloakroom will be available one hour before your first tournament match!

Hotel Cascade or Panorama
Deposit 300 Euro per team. Reimburse the group leader or coach at the reception. Upon departure, after checking the rooms, the hotel representative
and if everything is in order, the deposit will be REFUNDED in full.

Arrival and departure from the hotel:
Arrival at hotel in on arrival day, after 14 o'clock.
Depature from hotel on departure day, to 10.00 hours.

Opening ceremony:
On 12.04. at 16.50 hrs. on the ice stadium in Bílina. Players in the team shirts and ice skates.
Participants in skill competetions have to wear full hockey equipment. Teams enter the ice surface after the direction of the moderator.

Skill competitions Bílina:
On 12.04. at 17.15 hours after the end of the opening ceremony.
Ranking skill competitions:
Speed for 1 round, slalom, shooting accuracy and penalty (player and goalie).
Participants will be ready on the bench.

Before the game will be a photographer ready to take pictures of your team.
It is necessary to take off helmets before photographing.

Form Players list
send to organizers by March 10 at latest

Form Hotel list
send the Organizer by March 10  at latest

Form Skill competitions
can be given to organizers after arrival in Most or Bilina

Car parking
At the winter stadium in Bílina, the capacity of the car park is only about 20 cars.
We recommend to park your cars in the car park at the supermarket, which you will see on arrival.
The bus can be parked at the Albert Supermarket (railway station)

Bus departure times are controlled and showed at resp. hotel reception and resp. ice-arena reception.
IMPORTANT: Be always ready in front of the hotel or ice-arena 5 minutes before bus departure!!!
Bus timetable must be kept as the bus runs also for other teams. THANK YOU!

Hotel Cascade - Radniční 3, Most tel: +420 476 703 250
Hotel Panorama - U Panoramy 2959, Teplice tel. +420 417 538 679
Ice arena Bílina - Litoměřická 904, Bílina

Zděnek Kolman:   +420 736 673 448  (I do not speak English-call back)
Michal Pecháček: +420 608 728 583  (Only during the tournament)