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AIK World Champion Cup 2011
22-25 april 2011
AIK Ishockey
U15 (-96)
AIK World Champion Cup 2011  

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-Part 1-
-Part 2-

An exciting weekend awaits all hockey lovers!,

This year's AIK World Champion Cup will be the largest event we have hosted to date. To organize a tournament of this magnitude is an honor, although much need to be arranged before everything is in place and the first puck is dropped. But all is forgiven at the moment you see all the young eagerness of these hockey players to show off their skills and knowledge about the game. I already want to thank all those who work during the weekend and make sure that AIK World Champion can be implemented. For those of you who don’t have the ability to follow the tournament in the arena in Stockholm can follow all games online at our result reporting and see how your team are located in the group.

AIK World Champion Cup is an interesting test case in the players development to become a professional hockey player. Since not everyone has the opportunity to measure themselves against international opposition in respective countries National Team, this tournament is a good option for international competition.
More players will get to know the meaning of "play desperate with a sense of urgency” and understand the ability to peak their performance more days in a row. The road to success is neither easy nor fair, rather, hard work and many hours of toil are required. Though, well ahead usually not many complain!

My feeling is that all of you who plan to visit Stockholm to witness AIK World Cup Champion will be amazed at the knowledge many of the players already possess. Youth hockey has to say, taken great strides in recent years. In particular, more recognized the importance of daring to compete!

Welcome to AIK and World Champion Cup!!

Then we can declare AIK World Champion Cup 2011 concluded!

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After three days of Round Robin we are now ready for the Playoff
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Be owner of an SIGNED JERSEY of Dick Tärnström together with whole team of AIK Hockey
Make sure you buy a tournament programme during your visit at AIK World Champion Cup!
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The tournament is in full swing!

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The teams are coming!
Everything is in place and the teams are getting closer to the Capital of Scandinavia - Stockholm
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